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Weiss Lake Bass & Crappie Fishing Report Date: 07/28/08

Author:kelly matthews
Report Posted:07/28/08
Date of Fishing:07/28/08
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Weiss Lake
Description: Crappie Fishing Report Date: 07/28/08
Crappie fishing is fair... - Crappie are holding on deep brush and stumps, pretty much still on their summer pattern. The bite really slows around 10:00 am when the sun gets high and hot. Working structure in 14 to 16 feet with a live bait bottom bumping rig is working fair. Work creek and river channel ledges looking for any structure and work it slow. This bite is better in the early morning and evening hours. A few good crappie are also being caught shooting docks in 8 to 10 feet of water. Also good fish are still being caught at night fishing the bridges at Cowan and Spring Creek... "Good Fishin"

Bass Fishing Report Date: 07/28/08

Bass Fishing is good... - Been fishing Bass fishing several days over the last week and doing pretty good, picking up good Spotted Bass and Largemouth. This past week had Spots up to four lbs and Largemouth up to five lbs. Working river and creek channel ledges with a Fat Free shad crank bait is working good right now. Also Flipping a 3/8 oz Cutthroat Jig in colors Old School and Coosa Love have also been doing well around shallow docks. Spotted Bass bite has been pretty good also using a Cutthroat Scorpion Head or a Carolina Rig with a Zoom trick worm working shallow rocky points and isolated stumps. "Good Fishin"

Fishing Species:Bass and Crappie
Bait & Takle Used:Crank Baits and Jigs
Water & Weather
Clear and Hot

4 lb Weiss Lake Spot

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