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Tough times on the Mobile/Tensaw Delta

Author:Ray Long
Report Posted:07/03/08
Date of Fishing:06/21/08
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Lower Alabama River
Kistler Rod Used:MgTWJBM68 and He69MCH
Description: Not much to report on. The fishing has been tough for the past couple of years here on the Mobile/Tensaw Delta in South Alabama. With the past Hurricanes and the drought, it has taken a toll on our waters.
Our bass club had its monthly tournament on June 21 and out of 28 fishermen there was only 5 limits caught, but everyone had at least one fish. We fished the lower end of the Alabama River and the water was low and dingy, which is common this time of year. First place was won with 8.78 lbs., 2nd place was 7.56 lbs. and I was lucky enough to win 3rd place with 7.06 lbs. My first 3 fish came early off top water plugs, using my Kistler MgTWJBM68 rod (Man, what a sweet rod - www.kistlerrods.com), then it was hard work to catch the other 2, which was caught off a spinnerbait. The fish were holding tight on any wood on the outside of the structure in the current. 2 of the fish came on back-to-back cast and the rest were scattered. You had to fish extremely slow to make them bite. The water temperature was in the 80's and the air temperature was in the mid 90's and that made it in for a long day, but, it was still a great day in all. Have a safe 4th and good fishing.
Fishing Species:Largemouth
Bait & Takle Used:Top water plugs, spinnerbait and Kistler rods
Water & Weather
Sunny and Hot