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Toledo Bend Deep Grass

Author:Paul Proctor
Report Posted:08/08/13
Date of Fishing:06/22/13
Location:Texas Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Hurricane Bay and Clear Creek
Kistler Rod Used:7" Mag Frog Rod and KLX 7'8" A-Rig Special
Description: Fished Pepper grass and Pads in Clear Creek area from Daylight til 10 am. Caught fish on Stanley Ribbit Top Toad over pepper grass. Caught a 7.62 on Zoom Deadringer fishing grass covered stumps in Clear Creek. Moved to Hurricane Bay. Fished grass in 15 to 20' with Ol Monster Redbug worms. Wife caught a 4lber on Ol Monster and lost one about 8lbs . I caught an 8.05 at 2 pm. Fish slow, very slow around stumps and laydowns. We were fishing the FOM Tournament and weighed in 22.48 lbs. 2nd place .
Fishing Species:Largemouth
Bait & Takle Used:Zoom Ol Monsters & Stanley Top Toad
Water & Weather
Very Hot and Sunshine

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