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Summer Heat is Tough

Author: Duck Wright
Report Posted:09/18/13
Date of Fishing:09/17/13
Location:Texas Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:San Antonio Bay
Kistler Rod Used:Zbones and KLXs
Description: Trout fishing is tough in late August and September. It is fishing in the heat and humidity. Wading chest deep takes care of the heat and patience takes care of the rest. I had Steve Simon with me when we left early, at daylight. The wind was typical, none. We were fishing some reefs in San Antonio Bay. We found some trout over 20" on the deep drop off side of the reef.
The new KLX ML was tested by Steve and when we finished for the day, Steve ordered 2 new Kistler rods. Another good day of fishing and an angler that became a better fisherman by buying one of the best rods available to anglers.
Remember that Any day of Fishing is better than Any day at Work
Fishing Species:Trout
Bait & Takle Used:Artificial
Water & Weather
Hot and Sunny

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