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San Antonio Reefs

Author: Duck Wright
Report Posted:10/09/13
Date of Fishing:10/08/13
Location:Texas Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:San Antonio Reefs
Kistler Rod Used:ZBones 7'ML and Helium3 7' ML & 7'M
Description: Fall is probably my favorite time of the year to fish. Temperatures are milder and the water temperatures also are getting cooler. Big trout have moved out to the reefs in mid bays.
The wind has to be your friend when you are fishing the oyster reefs out in the middle of San Antonio Bay. When the wind picks up over 12 or 13 mph, it becomes tough to fish and anchoring becomes more questionable.
We have been using 1/8 oz. jig heads when the wind allows. Going up to 1/4 oz. when the winds picks up. Using TTF or Norton touts in the Chicken on a Chain, has really been good with the sunny skies.
Trey Kistler came down on the 5th, and brought some of the new Helium 3 rods with him to field test. He brought 2 of the new 7' models. One was Medium and one Medium Light.
I fish the 7' ZBones everyday, so I know I have been spoiled. Many of my customers bring their rods and think they really have the best? When I get a ZBone in their hands, they just want to know where to buy one.
I do have some 7' ML, KLX rods also. They are a great rod for under $200. I personally think the new Helium3 rods have a great touch and feel. They are really close to the feel of the ZBone!
The 7'M is going to make a great live bait rod. The He3 Medium has a lot of backbone. It will make a great Redfish rod.
Fishing Species:Speckled Trout & Redfish
Bait & Takle Used:1/8 & 1/4 oz. jigs with Chicken on a Chain touts
Water & Weather
Sunny and mild winds

Duck with his limit

2 great limits on the 9th

Trey Kistler and a nice Speckled Trout

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