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Pre-spawn largemouth on fire!!

Author:Jim Tomsovic
Report Posted:05/12/08
Date of Fishing:05/10/08
Location:Wisconsin Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Mississippi River, Pool 7, Onalaska, WI
Kistler Rod Used:Magnesium TS Chatterbait/Swim Jig, M/H 7' Graphite Plus, & M/H 7'6" Graphite Plus
Description: During a recent club tourney largemouth were stacked up on weed edges adjacent to spawning flats. A 1/4oz Leathal Weapon II swim jig (Manesium TS), a 10" Bekley power worm (M/H 7'GP) and a Kamakazee swimbait (M/H 7'6" GP) did most of the damage for me. Ended up with 15.58lbs for the tourney win. Second and third places were primaraly throwing spinnerbaits in the same type locations with weghts in the 14 1/2lb range. Good Luck!
Fishing Species:Largemouth
Bait & Takle Used:Leathal Weapon II swim jig, 10" Power Worm, Kamakazee swimbait
Water & Weather
Water temp 58-60 degrees, Partly cloudy with light to moderate wind