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Report Posted:02/10/11
Date of Fishing:01/01/70
Location:Florida Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:PALATKA, FL
Kistler Rod Used:MAGNESIUM 6'9" M/H SPINNING
Description: Fished the North Florida Bass Masters monthly tournament out of Palatka City Docks Sunday. Prior to the tournament my game plan was to start out targeting stagers near likely spawning grounds. I was number 3 to launch, number was called and I shot out of the hole headed north. After several miles up river I looked back for any followers and there were none. I was the only one out of 22 boats to go north. It was then that I second guessed my choice and should've went with plan B and entered the locks to Rodman Reservoir to get spawners. Arrived at my first spot and tied on a jerkbait (gold with black back). Second cast I landed a two pounder. Next cast another two pounder. I had my five fish limit in the first 30 minutes and I began to cull. After culling a few fish the bite died along with the moving tide. I then relocated to a creek and began throwing soft topwater's with my 6'9"M LTX Spinning rod. Caught a few small ones but nothing to cull. I then began throwing a red eye shad and immediately hung one in excess of six pounds that jumped out of the water, smiled at me and spit the bait back to the boat. Shortly thereafter I boated a three pounder and culled one fish. That was it for the bite. Weighed in at 1500, placed 2nd and won enough to finance my day!
Fishing Species:Largemouth Bass
Bait & Takle Used:jerkbait, topwater and lipless crankbait
Water & Weather
Overcast - 60 - water temp 59