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Customer Spotlight: Scott Burns

By Scott Burns
Jun 21, 2006

Customer Spotlight: Scott Burns image

From time to time customers share their kistler fishing rod stories and experience with us. We use our customer spotlight to pass along some of these stories. Today's spotlight is on Scott Burns of reelProtect-R in East Texas.

Impressed with Kistler Custom Fishing Rods' Quality and Integrity

I have been fishing my entire life, and bass fishing exclusively for more than the past 25 years. During that period of time, I have accumulated quite an arsenal of tackle and equipment. Some of that equipment includes well over 50 different rod/reel combinations. Approx. 25 of those rods are All Star's, although I have several Quantum PT Tour Series rods, at least 7 different gLoomis rods, and custom made rods from a local rod maker.

First of all, I will NEVER buy an All Star rod again. In fact, I despise what All Star rods have become after Shakespear took them over so much that I practically hate even putting them in my boat anymore.

I use to take quite a bit of pride in my All Star rods. Recently (about two years ago), I broke a new All Star rod about 10" below the tip while taking a fish off the hook. All Star replaced that rod. That "new" replacement rod broke in the same place, under the exact same circumstances, the first time I used it.

To make a very long and drawn out story short, I was told that they would only warranty that rod with a Classic Series rod, since they did not make "my" rod anymore. I countered that my rod was much more expensive than a Classic Series rod which you can buy at Academy now for $39.99 any day of the week, and that I did not agree to their "new" warranty terms. I wrote their customer service folks a lengthy and very detailed description of the circumstances surrounding the breakage due to what I know were inferior components and/or craftsmanship. (I felt that I could make that determination due to the fact that I had bought the same rod back in 1992 [which I use exculsively for throwing Pop-R's], and still use that rod often without ever having a problem [and take fish off the same way I always do]). I gave them a chance to make this situation right. I explained that if I did not hear back from them with a more satisfactory solution to my problem that I would consider the matter closed, and would NEVER buy another All Star rod. Needless to say, I never heard back from them.

Now to the more positive stuff. I felt like I was a pretty loyal All Star customer. Since that incident, I have been "culling" my All Star rods (giving them away to my friends), and began looking at different rods. I bought several gLoomis rods after that incident with All Star, and have really enjoyed a "better" quality of rod.

My neighbor gave me a Kistler rod some time back, and I have begun adding Kistler rods to my inventory over the past couple of years. I have become quite impressed with the quality (and integrity) of the Kistler products, and have had the sincere pleasure of meeting Trey Kistler at the recent Skeeter Owner's Tournament at Lake Fork.

As a born-again Christian, and a former Airborne/Ranger Infantry officer, I understand the meaning of Integrity. Integrity implys honesty and virtue, and a commitment to always doing what is right. I have met Trey Kistler personally, and can easily discern the Integrity that he has established in his personal life through his commitment to Jesus Christ. The integrity of Trey's products reflect that same commitment to the highest standards of quality, performance, and customer service that I have ever seen in a rod manufacturing business. I am so impressed with Trey and his line of Kistler rods, that I will become the "newest" loyal fan of Kistler rods.