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Lay Lake Winter Bass Fishing

Author:Reed Montgomery
Report Posted:12/15/10
Date of Fishing:01/01/70
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Mid-to-upper Lay Lake
Kistler Rod Used:7 ft. Magnesium Crank Rattle n Roll
Description: Reeds Guide Service
Birmingham, Alabama
(205) 663-1504
Website www.fishingalabama.com
Lay Lake
Impounded 1914
Lake Level Full Pool
Water Temperature 45 degrees
Water Clarity Clear


This past mid-December week in Alabama has gone from air temps of highs in the low 30's and lows of 15 degrees to highs of 60 degrees with 40 degrees nights.

Saturday, December 11 2011 a slight warming trend showed the water temps rise from 45 degrees to 49 degrees by mid day.

I caught some very nice 3-5 pound spotted bass and a couple of largemouth bass while fishing the mouths of creeks in Lay lake's headwaters.

My first bass (and my biggest of the day), a 5 pound spotted bass, came early while fishing a rocky, creek mouth point with a black, brown and pumpkinseed colored 1/2 ounce Davis jig, with a Gary Yamamoto watermelon green, twin-tailed plastic grub trailer.

During the day I caught both spotted bass and largemouths on an Excalibur pearl white Fat Free Shad deep diving crankbait, a chrome / black back 1/2 ounce rattletrap.

I caught one lone 3 pound largemouth while slow rolling a white 1/2 ounce tandem silver willowleaf Stanley spinnerbait with a white grub trailer, in a creek mouth.

In all I had close to a dozen very nice spotted bass and 2 largemouth's and quit at 2 p.m.

Another bad cold front this week with highs of 38 and lows in the teens. But another predicted warm spell lays ahead with next weeks predicted highs in the low 60's.

Winter warming trends and in-between cold fronts, are the times to plan a fishing trip to Alabama's Lay Lake!

Or you can call on Reeds Guide Service Lay Lake's (and all of Alabama's) oldest, professional bass fishing guide service for over 40 years!

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Thanks and Good Fishin'!
Reed Montgomery
Owner of Reeds Guide Service
Fishing Species:Spotted Bass and Largemouth's
Bait & Takle Used:Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jig combos
Water & Weather
Partly Cloudy High-58 Low-38

Lay Lake Coosa River Spotted Bass!

Some big spotted bass and largemouth's!

More big spots!

An 8 pound largemouth bass!

Big 6 pound Lay Lake largemouth bass!

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