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Lake Fork Night Fishing Report

Author:Chris Sinkey
Report Posted:07/03/08
Date of Fishing:07/03/08
Location:Texas Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Shallow Grass in 4 to 8 ft.
Kistler Rod Used:Helium II 6'9" Medium Heavy
Description: I had the pleasure of taking Mike Picou, Regional writer for Basszone, and a friend of his Wes from Austin out Thursday for a night trip before the Skeeter Owners Tournament.
We found fish in the grass on main lake points in 3 to 8 ft. of water. Ended up the night with over 20 fish with 2 being over 8 lbs., 2 at 7 lbs., and several in the 5 to 6 lbs. range.
All fish were caught on one of three baits. A Berkley 10 in. Power Worm in Black/Blue Fleck, a Black/Blue GrandeBass Mutant, and a Black/Blue GrandeBass Rattlesnake. You can see these baits at Grande Bass
Bites were very aggresive. If you thought you were hung in grass, you could let it sit there for a second and they would nearly take the rod out of your hand.
I want to thank them again for an exciting and hilarious night, and look forward to having them in my boat again soon.
I would also like to thank Skeeter Boats and Yamaha Motors for getting me there and back with no worries at all.
Fishing Species:Largemouth Bass
Bait & Takle Used:Berkley 10 in Power Worm and GrandeBass Mutant
Water & Weather
Light Wind, Dark skies, 72 deg.

Chris with 7 lbs.

Wes from Austin 8 lbs.

Wes with 2nd 8.5 lbs.

Another pic 8.5 lbs.

Chris with 7 lbs.

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