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Kistler VIP Warranty Protection


99.5% Flawless

Our rods enjoy a 99.5% flawless performance, but that .5% does exist and we at Kistler want to make sure 100% of our customers are happy with our products.

Our Warranty

Here at Kistler, we have proven to the industry that we manufacture the very best fishing rods at the very best value. Therefore, you can relax and know that Kistler Rods will back up your rod purchase with a warranty against manufacture defect or component failure for One, Three or Five years depending on which rod series you choose.

VIP Warranty
Warranty Service Plans


Carbon Steel



Helium 3 Z Bone
VIP Elite - 5 Year Prorated Replacement       *****
VIP Pro - 3 Year Prorated Replacement     ****  
VIP - 1 Year Prorated Replacement *** ***    

IMPORTANT: All rods purchased before 2014 fall under the previous Kistler Limited Warranty, forwhich there is a prorate warranty available.  

Who Should Make a Claim

If your rod should break during its replacement time period, file an online warranty claim. If it is clear the damage was due to manufacture defect or component failure and after reviewing claim information such as registration, receipt, reason for claim, if you are the original owner then we will repair or replace your rod with a new similar model to get you back on the water as soon as possible. A return shipping fee and/or deductible will apply in some cases, depending on the age of your rod. You might be asked to return your damaged rod to our factory but in most cases we can save you the trouble and money thanks to our efficient VIP system.

The warranty is not intended to cover accidents, abuse, neglect or normal wear and tear. The VIP warranty plans are not meant to be 'replacement insurance' for rods that have outlived their respective warranty period nor is the VIP warranty designed to cover "unknown causes of breakage or damage" after the covered time period respectively. Kistler Rods reserves the right to void any warranty claim. Obviously we can’t cover tailgate, rod locker or clumsy feet damages, so that we can cover legitimate claims for valued customers for years to come.  

To process a warranty claim efficiently, please completely fill in the Warranty Claim Information Form below. Within 48 hours (during the work week) our warranty department associate will be in contact with you via email or phone about your warranty claim.

Tight Lines,

Trey Kistler
President and CEO

Warranty Claim Information Form