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January Lake Fork Report

Author:Chris Sinkey
Report Posted:01/05/09
Date of Fishing:01/05/09
Location:Texas Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Lake Fork
Kistler Rod Used:Helium II in 7ft Heavy and Med. Heavy
Description: After a couple months off sitting in a deer stand, it feels good to be back on the water again. This has been a wierd few weeks. Highs in the 80's and lows in the 30's and even 20's. For the most part, fishing on Fork has been good. Especially on the warmer days.
I am basically staying with 4 baits and patterns for this time of year.

I am basically fishing grass beds in 3 to 15 ft. of water in the Northern Creeks and trying to stay on Northern most banks of these creeks. Some days the fish seem to be locked in the grass, some days they are on the outer edges, and some days they are locked on to timber in the same depths. The last 2 trips I've had out, the fish have seemed to be locked on the timber.

1. 1/2 and 3/4 oz. Rattle Traps in Red with light green flake.
2. Jerkbaits (Black and Gold with Orange bellies)
3. 3/8 oz. Nichols Jigs in Green Pumpkin or Black and Blue.
4. 1/2 oz. Carolina rigged Green Pumpkin Grandebass Rattlesnake

I have been mixing things up a bit due to the weather. For the most part, I'm keeping my boat in about 8 to 10 ft. of water working both the shallow grass and the deeper grass. I have been using the 1/2 oz. trap shallower bringing it back with a steady retrieve, ripping it thru the grass when it comes in contact. Some days its good to let the bait tick the grass and even get caught up, then rip it free. This is when most of the bites have occured.
I am also fishing the Carolina Rig in the same ares and around timber in 8 ft. and shallower. (This set up has actually put most of the fish in the boat the last several trips) I am throwing a Green Pumpkin, Grandebass Rattlesnake (www.grandebass.com) on the end ot my C-rigs with a 1/2 oz. weight. I also shorten my leader down to about 2 to 3 ft.. Throw this bait up to about 3 ft. and slowly bring in back to the boat. Thru the grass, in the creeks, by timer, anywhere you want to throw it, we have been getting bit. Most bites on this have been very aggressive, so HANG ON! I am throwing this set up on a 7 ft. Heavy Kistler Helium II rod (www.kistlerrods.com)with 17 lbs. World Wide Sportsman line and a 12 lbs. Seagar florocarbon leader.
Usually when I get to the back of the creeks, I'll come back out flipping all the timber in and around the creek channel with the Nichols Jig. I'm not getting as many bites on this bait, but they are definately quality bites when you get them.
For the Jerkbaits, fish these over the deeper grass in 5 to 15 ft. in depth and work them back with a jerk, jerk, pause technique. Play with it. Somedays the fish want a longer pause, some days they want a short pause.
Using these techniques above will definately help you put some fish in the boat on your trips to Fork in the next few weeks. Most days have been averaging between 8 and 20 fish a day up to 7 lbs..

I would like to take a minute and thank one of my sponsors, Skeeter Boats. They brought me aboard this last year, and I have been more happy running this boat than any other boat I've been in. I'm running a 2008 20i with a 250 Yamaha Series 2 motor. The ride these boats give you are unbelievable. If you are interested in a Skeeter Boat or even riding in one, feel free to shoot me an email at www.chrissinkey.com (contact)or check out a dealership nearest to you at www.skeeterboats.com.
Hope this report help you on your next fishing trip, and I look forward to seeing you on the water.
Fishing Species:Largemouth Bass
Bait & Takle Used:Traps and C-rigs
Water & Weather
Cold and Hot