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Guntersville Lunkers

Author:Alex Davis
Report Posted:07/05/08
Date of Fishing:07/03/08
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Guntersville
Kistler Rod Used:He2 7 ft Heavy
Description: The fishing the last couple weeks have been unreal. Cathcing from 20-50 a day with some big fish mixed in. A lot of the fishare schooling and alot are on the ledges for the summer. Early catching fish on topwaters and big paddletail worms. As the day goes on moving to the ledges and when you find them they are stacked up. The other day caught 15-20 on one ledge had 4 over 4 and one over 5. Its a great time and the flippin bite should pick up soon.
Fishing Species:Largemouth
Bait & Takle Used:1/2 Choo Choo jig Big Joe Spoon
Water & Weather

5 lber

8 lber

7 lber

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