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Guntersville Lake Yields a 6,7,8,9,9 & 11 pound largemouth bass in two best trips!

Author:Reed Montgomery
Report Posted:03/18/11
Date of Fishing:01/01/70
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Mid-Lake
Kistler Rod Used:Older style 6 1/2 foot
Description: Well, to be honest, I did not think we would top our "5 bass 35 pounds" previous trip of late winter on Guntersville lake any time soon. (See Feb. 1,2011 article for info)

But we did!

Including an even bigger largemouth bass, bigger than the previous ones I had written about (those 9 & 10 pounders reported)...a monster 11 pounder!

Over 100 pounds of Big Bass taken in two of (with Reeds Guide Service Guntersville lake's oldest, professional guide service), fantastic bass fishing trips, during this early spring period.

Here's who , what and how;

March 2 & 3 2011 - Four guys from St. Peters, MO. came down for a nice Alabama "corporate guided bass fishing trip" for two days of nice weather fishing with Reed Montgomery of Reeds Guide Service.

Courtacy of their kind boss who came along, Eddie Wilson with St. Charles Hardwoods Inc.

On the first day the weather was great. From midday up in the day, in the upper-70's and sunny, and we caught bass that were warming up too.

But it was slow fishing, with 38 degrees that morning giving the big bass morning lock jaw. Still, we had bass up to 6 pounds, in all not many about a dozen bass total. But quality size fish.

But on the second day, while fishing some of the same spots as the day before, we had a lot of Big Bass including our five best a 5 pound bass, a 7 pounder, an 8 pounder and two 9 pounders! Our five best bass easily weighed 38 pounds!

One angler lost one that looked to be even bigger. In all, we threw back over 100 pounds of bass in two days.

*Second Best Trip Spring 2011 / And Biggest Bass of all Trips so far in 2011!

March 13-15 - A three-day trip with a couple from Papillion, NE on vacation in Alabama, here to escape the cold weather back home and hopefully catch some bass.

We were following heavy rains of 4-5 inches along the Tennessee River System and high, muddy water and in addition, rising waters and slight cold front conditions. Usually not good circumstances for a successufull bass fishing trip.

I knew I had my work cut out for me!

But what a great trip! Three days of tolarable partly cloudy weather in the mid-70's! Water temps close to 60 degrees.

This very nice couple, Reid and Carrie Adkins came here on their annual vacation to relax, take it easy and just fish for a few days with Reed Montgomery of Reeds Guide Service.

They would have been happy to just catch a bunch of bass each day. But what Carrie caught in two feet of water, with water temps 62 degrees on the last hour of this 3 day guided trip at 2 p.m.... was far more than she ever expected!

An 11 pound largemouth bass hit her Strike king lipless lure she was fishing on 14 pound monofilament line. Spinning Reel & Rod, types unknown. (See picture for this huge largemouth bass. The biggest she has ever caught!)

To quote Carrie's e-mail she later sent to Reed Montgomery she said,

"I have fished for over 40 years and my husband (ironically named Reid) and I have never seen a more determined fishing guide, that under such brutal cold front, muddy water conditions, try all he could to put us on quality fish and see to it that we had the best time available that we could. And we did!
In addition, I caught the biggest bass I have ever caught in all of these years of fishing and we both learned a lot while fishing with Reed Montgomery. I would highly recommend Reed to anyone any time!"

Thanks Carrie, I appreciate that!...Reed

On both of these guided trips to Alabama's largest, man-made reservoir -- massive, Guntersville Lake --, while fishing with Reeds Guide Service Website: www.fishingalabama.com Alabama's oldest, professional "bass fishing only" guide service, these 6 anglers / Total - caught and released over 200 pounds of bass and over 100 bass in all!

Tallied up there were many 5-6 pounders, two-7 pounders, an 8 pounder, two-9 pounders and an 11 pounder to top this big bass list! Not to mention dozens of smaller 3-4 pounders...

Most bass were taken on lipless lures like Bill Lewis Rattletraps in colors of gold, silver or Rayrurn Red. Also Rapala's Rattlin' Raps in chrome with blue back. Some of the biggest bass were taken on Strike King's Red eye shad in shad colors.

All anglers were using half ounce model lipless lures fished on line test of 14-20 pound test monofilament.

Other lures fooled bass as well. Like half ounce spinnerbaits, shallow-diving crankbaits, suspending jerkbaits, Berkely's 6 inch swim baits, Zoom's (Bubblegum and white) Trick Worms and black, 1/2 ounce buzzbaits.

These were just two of our best early Springtime trips. Others have been just as good in numbers of bass, but only smaller 4-6 pounders were taken on some trips. Make yours the next one! A Trophy-Guided Bass Fishing Trip!

April and May it gets even better! Topwater time with some very hungry post-spawn Big Bass!

Always call (205) 663-1504 on Reeds Guide Service ...first! Or e-mail me alabassgyd@aol.com to book a trip year round to any Alabama lake!

Thanks, Reed Montgomery
Owner of Reeds Guide Service
Website: www.fishingalabama.com Birmingham, Alabama
"Over 40 Years Guiding on all Alabama Lakes for largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass and striped bass"
Fishing Species:Largemouth Bass
Bait & Takle Used:No bait, lures only, see report
Water & Weather
Partly Cloudy High-75 Low-38

A Happy Lady with an 11 pound bass!

Three bass weighing 20 pounds!

Two Happy Anglers and two nine pounders!

Reed with 7 & 8 pounders!

Four Happy Anglers with over 50 pounds of bass!

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