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Guntersville Lake Five Bass 30 pounds!

Author:Reed Montgomery
Report Posted:02/02/11
Date of Fishing:01/01/10
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Mid to Lower Lake
Kistler Rod Used:7 1/2 Foot Flipping Rod
By Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service
Website www.fishingalabama.com

Every picture tells a story. This report (and the pictures) is mine. On a cool, cloudy day on Alabama's largest, man made reservoir Guntersville Lake during mid winter...we had a fishing trip that will always be remembered.

The day started off rather slow, but it expected by both of us. Air temps were near the mid-30 degrees at dawn and the days predicted high was expected to be in the low-to-mid 50's. Not a bad winter day
by most anglers standards.

But with cloudy skies all morning and a rather cold, northern wind of 5-10 m.p.h. it felt more like a midday high of 45 degrees instead of 55 degrees.

We fished hard for over two hours and we were rewarded with a nice 3 pounder and a 5 pounder to get our day started right. With water temps of 45 degrees we were glad to even catch a fish! I placed the 5 pounder in the live well for pictures later.

But another dry spell of a couple of hours sent us looking for a big bass bite in Guntersville lake's deeper, main lake waters.

I'm glad we did and so was my partner.

While fishing with plum colored, 10 inch worms and black and blue jig & crayfish combos, mostly in water depths of 5-10 feet deep, along old river channel drop-offs, we found several big bass.

Earlier I had placed a 5 five pounder in the live well and then we let go a nice 3 pounder. Well, the next bass was a 7 pounder! But it was loner. We fished on.
That weight alone, is 3 bass weighing 15 pounds!

(I would have been happy with just these three big largemouths and I'm sure my partner would have been too!)

After another move he hooked into an obviously very big bass. The 6/0 hook on the 10 inch worm held strong. So did the 20 pound monofilament line. The rod was bowed up double.

After a lengthy battle we netted the huge bass and then weighed it. The scales held at 9 pounds and a few ounces! So naturally we fished this spot hard, dragging or lures on the lakes weedy bottom and bringing each enticing lure from all directions, with a variety of lures fished on or near bottom.

But again, like the others this huge bass was a loner.

It was getting late so we moved again and after a slow midday session we were ready for more bass! We fished hard until early evening, but the spot with the big 9 pounder was still on my mind and I'm my partner's mind as well.

When we came back by this hidden underwater spot, I just had to stop and fish it again. But I took a drink and snack break while he fished...hard

After another 30 minutes we had again fished this spot very hard, like others that day, and we now decided to call it a day with 3 bass in the livewell a 5, 7 and 9 pounder totaling a weight of 21 pounds!

As I was attaching my outboard motor kill switch and putting on my life jacket he suddenly rocked the boat. Was that a hook set or him just stepping off the back deck?

I turnend to look and saw to my surprise, another repeat pefermance by both him and the obviously now hooked big fish!

He then exclaimend, "I think this one is even bigger!" And it was...

Another battle ensued. Afterwards we landed the huge largemouth bass and then weighed the now, biggest bass of our fantastic day.

It weighed 10 pounds and 2 ounces! What a day! We took some pictures, let all bass go and headed back in, both of us in a real daze over our now completed, (and very succesfull), "Guntersville Lake Trophy, Largemouth Bass Wintertime Fishing Trip"

"Man!" Was all we both could say.

We tallied the days weight as we trailered the boat and then headed back home.

A 5 pounder and another 7 pounder for me. Not a bad day itself. His two monsters? A 9 pounder and a long, stought 10 pound bass, that looked to be in the teens!

Total day's estimated weight; Four bass weighing close to 31 pounds. Add the 3 pounder I let go that morning and its easily 5 bass weighing close to 34 pounds!

A day we will both long remember, while bass fishing Guntersville Lake, on a cold, winter day.

Was it cold? We never felt it if it was...

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Thanks and Good Fishin'
Reed Montgomery
Fishing Species:Largemouth Bass
Bait & Takle Used:Worms and jig combos
Water & Weather
Cloudy, windy high near 55 degrees

A 5 & 7 pounder

A 9 & 10 pounder

A 9 & 10 pounder

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