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Thanks to Kislter rods my partner and I won first place last weekend. We both agreed as slow as the bite was and as finicky as the bass were, we never would have caught what we caught without our z bone rods. We did not get a lot of bites but we felt every bite we got. The wind was blowing and the water was muddy and the fish were just barely picking up our secret baits and with the sensitivity of the z bone, we felt every bite - what an amazing rod. Kistler has produced a great rod in the z bone. I will never own any other rod.
Ray Long, Z Bone takes win
Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z Bone LE
First Club Tournament of the year finished 1st Place caught all my fish using a z bone custom fliping stick fish were biting it not inhaling it just picking the jig up i felt it and swung 1st and 2nd place both of us were using Kistlers goes to show you senstivity is everything.
John Miller
Trey, thanks for the advice on the STALRS711 Alabama Rig Z-Bone! Just received this new Alabama Rig rod and couldn't wait to get to the lake to try it. All I can say is throwing an A-rig is one of my favorite techniques, and this new 7'11" A-rig Z-Bone makes it that much more productive! Up to this point I was throwing my Yumbrella on a Z-Bone 7'6" LE6XH, and didn't think it could get any better than that.... Recently, I spoke to Trey about pulling the trigger on a dedicated A-rig rod: he recommended going to the 7'11" STALARS711 because the extra 1" length on the handle and the 5" extra on the tip would make it easier to use all day. Trey was absolutely correct!!! I will recommend to all that are throwing an A-rig now that this IS the rod you need to be using. The sensitivity allows you to feel the swimbait tails moving, and easy to detect fish hitting your rig. Extra long casts are easily, and accurately, made all day with this set up, but I will have to make one minor adjustment though...I will have to respool completely with braid (instead of using some mono backing on the spool) because I can spool all the line off an Ardent XS1000 reel with this 7'11" STALRS711 rod! Thanks again Trey; you were dead-on with this recommendation, and I am having a blast using this rod with the Alabama Rig! Scott Burns
Scott Burns
Products Purchased / Services Used: STALRS711 Alabama Rig Z-Bone
I've used kistler rod's for about four year's now i have 7 of the magnesium rods and one carbon steel. I was happy with them untill last week when I went fishing and two of my rod's fell apart! when the insert's came out of the line guide"s not good.It's sad I have rod's 10 year's older then my Kistler rod's in better shape and they cost me less then one third the price. Sure can't say that I would buy Kistler again.
David Sisk, Upset , Azle texas
Products Purchased / Services Used: Magnesium TS specialty rod's bait caster's
I figured I would write some another review!! I juts got done ordering 5 more Kistler rods 4 heliums and 1 micro magnesium and like my others they are superb!!! Super light,incredibly sensitive and are just simply stunning in the looks department... My confidence in my gear has made me a better angler!!!
Rodney Gill
What an amazing weekend! Led the Mobile, Al. Boat show Fish n fever tournament on day one and ended up 8th after the final day and got the 1st day lunker with a 4.06lb largemouth! But the style I was fishing was made so much easier using my Kistler z bone rod, I was able to make back brakeing hook sets on the large fish on the first day to bring me in to first place! The second day the sun came out and changed the power fishing to slowing down having to caress the fish into biting, so again the sensitivity of my z bone proved true. The fish may not have been as large but i was able to feel them as a lot of them were just picking up the tail and moving it! The water was to stained to see the fish so I used my z bone as my eyes! Thanks Kistler for helping me out on all my fishing experiences! Who ever may be reading this, if you don't own a Kistler rod, today is the day to get one! When they say fishing never felt so good they meant it! Just don't ask the fish their opinion!
I had an awesome day of practice today with my kistler micro mag crank rattle and roll cranking rod! The sensitivity in this tip is unbelievable! covered Crazy amounts of water and located some quality bass! Hope they will be ready to bite in the morning
Mike Chavers
Stuck over 20 bass last Saturday using my new carbon steel micro guide rod and put them all in the boat I felt every fish and I know every fish felt me on the hook set! Thanks kistler for awesome products!
Mike Chavers
I've just got to say that the Kistler Z Bone is the greatest fishing rod that has ever been produced, ever. If you have not tried one of these rods then you are missing out on the best fishing of your life. If you love to fish and you fish often, then you owe it to yourself to get a z bone. I promise that once you try a z bone then you will never want to pick up another rod as long as you fish. The sensitivity in the z bone is so awesome that I believe you can feel everything that you bait comes in contact with. If you are fishing in 30' of water and your bait hits a blade of grass you can feel it. I now own 4 z bones and the fish bite/catch ratio has gone up probably 80% and this is no lie. Kistler has set the bar in fishing rods with the z bone that I don't think can be raised. I'm telling you fishermen and fisherwomen, you owe it to yourself to get a z bone and I can promise, if you do then you will be z bone hooked for life. I'm headed to the river now with my brand new custom built 7'-3" cranking z bone. May all stay safe and have a blessed day.
Ray Long
Products Purchased / Services Used: Custom Z Bone
I was very proud to get my 3 brand new mico mag 7' MH rods. I went to test them out and after getting them set like I wanted them I went to the lake and started fishing. I wasn't in my area for more than five minutes and I caught a 8.35 lbs bass on my new rod I love these rods and if you don't have one i would suggest you get one. I wanna say thank you to kistler and my lord and savior jesus christ!!
Cameron Mattison