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KISTLERS make a difference! Once you have used the Mic-Helium Frog and Slop Special you truly realize the difference in your hook set ratio. My favorite rods are my Kistler Custom Z bone worm rod and Kistler 7'3" Mag Crank Bait Special that takes the load off all day cranking:) I am blessed with the opportunity to share with you my love for KISTLER Products and hope you too will give them a try. Here, you get what you pay for. Invest.
Kat Arnold, Dir. Angler Ministries, Christian Hunter Anglers Assoc., Shreveport, LA
boughtcaughtreleased.com hunter-angler.org
I bought a 7'11" heavy action Z bone for flipping matted vegetation in the Cooper River boy was i in for a suprise. For the last few years i have tried many different flipping sticks finally settling for a 7'9" xxh carrot stix LOL. I thought that not getting some fish turned in the grass was just something I was going to have to deal with I thought all the missed fish was just part of the game. After talking to Trey who is super easy to deal with i got my first z bone I personally beleive this is the best rod money can buy do your self a favor and try one they are worth the money. I now have a very high catch percentage with these rods . TRY THEM
Matt Murphy, Moncks corner SC
Trey Kistler and the gang has topped the fishing world with the z bone. I have fished tournaments for over 20 years and have fished with probably every rod company out there and at that time I thought that their rods were the best. But then I started fishing with the z bone and I can honestly say, this is the greatest rod that I have ever put into my hands. They are so light and so sensitive that it's almost unbelievable. Since I started fishing with the z bone my catch ratio has gone up over 90% and I'm thinking the fish are just biting better in my area, wrong, it is because of the z bone. To prove to myself that it was the z bone and not just the fishing is better, I have on several occasions went out and used another brand rod and fished for half a day and the other half a day with the z bone. It didn't matter if it was the morning half or the afternoon half, the z bone caught 3 times more fish than brand x. The z bone has me fishing more tournaments now than ever before and fishing with great confidence, and have picked up a little change on the way. The build your own rod that Kistler has is the greatest tool that I have ever seen. You can get the length you want, the handle you want and don't forget about the new fugi tangle free micro guides (any way you want it). SO, if you want to fish with the greatest rod on the market and win more money, go to Kistler's web site and build you a z bone to your own specifications, you will be amazed and put money in the bank.
Ray Long
Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z Bone LE
In April of this year I went to Lake Mitchell in Alabama to compete for the State Championship. Well by Gods grace I was able to win and become the Alabama Junior state Champion! This was such a highlight in my life as I am wanting to make bass fishing my career! Next week I am going to lake Lanier Ga. to compete for the National Championship. Well in saying all this, I have to thank kistler rods for helping me with these accomplishments. At Lake Mitchell I caught all my fish on topwater and because of the strong backbone of my Kistler MH zBONE rod I was able to fight these mean Coosa river spotted bass to the boat. I was able to weigh in a 3.06 lb spot for lunker and could'nt have landed him with out the forgiving action of the tip of my z bone! Heading in to next week for the National, Kistler gives me the confidence to know that their quality rods are the life line between me and the fish! #lovemykistlerrods. FISHING NEVER FELT SO GOOD!
josh chavers
Fished two local tournaments the past two weekends and did'nt get the wins but kept my seasonal points up wear they need to be. Started both tournaments using my MH 6'9 all purpose micro mag throwing top water plugs with much success I landed every fish that hammered the plug, just never had the big bite! As the days went on the bite got tougher so I switched to my 7' MH micro mag spinning rod with a drop shot, in doing this I was able to finish out my limit on what turned out to be some very finicky bass. Since the micro mags have such a high sensitivity level I could confidently feel every bite! And I was fishing on a high current river system where the bait was bouncing off the bottom constantly in contact with structure, but because of these rods I could determine what was a bite. If you are new to kistler rods and have'nt tried them now is the time! I have first hand watched these rods help me and my son put more fish in my boat day in and day out! Strength, sensitivity and quality is what Kistler is all about! FISHING NEVER FELT SO GOOD! Thanks again Kistler for your quality equipment!
mike chavers
Fished two local tournaments the past two weekends and did'nt get the wins but kept my seasonal points up wear they need to be. Started both tournaments using my MH 6'9 all purpose micro mag throwing top water plugs with much success I landed every fish that hammered the plug
mike chavers
When I sold my company and retired in 2009 I decided with all my free time to get back into fishing big-time. To keep my sanity from not working full-time, I decided to work part-time in the fishing department of Bass Pro and fish on my days off. I made, like everyone else, my share of product purchase mistakes thinking that each time I moved up in price I was getting a better rod. Not necessarilly the case. I kept buying and selling my equipment looking for the best sensitive rod I could find to up my game. I thought I'd found it when I started fishing Duckett rods, but "NO", I had to try a Kistler rod that one of my friends had. The Kistler I fished with that day was twice as sensitive as the Duckett rods I owned. So guess what? I promptly sold my Duckett's, bit the bullet and bought my first Z-bone 7ft Med/Hvy casting rod. I swear, my catch rate has gone up at least 60%. I started thinking, what difference does it make what other brands are out there with big names and big prices, if you can't feel the bite? Do any of you know how many fish your missing with that other stuff you fish with? I'm a certified believer, and my search is over for the ultimate in fishing rods, it's Kistler Z-bones for me from here on out. I now have two Z-bones and one Micro Magnesium in my rod locker. Since purchasing these rods, I have made some real converts to Kistler rods who ride back of the boat with me fishing. I have my Kistler Z-bones set up with Shimano Core 50's, upgraded with Boca Orange Seal Ceramic bearings and Carbon Fiber Drags for the lightest rigs ever. I tell my fishing friends to put down their rod and reels and fish with one of mine for awhile or at least until they catch two or three bass. I tell em, "Don't worry, I'm fishing with one too......No worries, just enjoy." After they catch a couple of bass with my Z-bones I ask them, "Well, waddaya think?" My responses are usually, "OH, MY GAWD, WHAT A ROD AND REEL YOU'VE GOT THERE. WHERE DID YOU GET IT AND WHERE CAN I BUY ONE !!" They actually hate picking up their rod and reel after I let them fish for awhile with one of mine. If you don't own a Kistler Z-Bone, I can honestly say and guarantee you, "You're Missing Fish." If you want to take your fishing to the next level, sell off those rods you thought were good and buy at least one of Kistlers Z-Bones. I'm telling you, once you own and fish a Z-Bone, you'll never want to fish with anything else.
David Roberts, Scottsdale, AZ
hey guys i just wanted to let everone know how awesome kistler rods are! I just got done fishing the louisiana state chapionship and these rods helpe bring those fish out of deep water and in the boat with no problem. i got second place useing theres rods and I love them! if you dont have a kistler rod you are missing out on a great buy1
Cameron Mattison
I recentl took three custom built Z-bones up to the Top End of Australia, and into to true wilderness country in the Northern Territory for the ultimate test! There were three anglers in the boat with 8 Kistlers between us (my 3 Zbones, 2 Helium LTX II and 3 Helium LTA rods), so we had the full range of rods covered and ready for the ultimate test. These rods passed with flying colours, accounting for over 300 Barramundi in 4 full on days of fishing! We managed an impressive haul of 80 odd surface caught barramundi on the last day with my LE 4 Custom Spin stick doing the most damage. I also used my LE 4 casting stick to coax a 6 foot bull shark back to the boat that had taken a liking to my lure, but broke the line off deliberately, as a $15 lure wasn't worth as much as my hand! I use these super sensitive and unbelievably light rods in my home state of Victoria chasing our native Murray Cod and have landed one that topped the 100lb mark and measured 120cm in length... not bad for a rod rated at 10-17 lb... These rods are the best I have used so far (and I have used plenty!) and the new custom Z-bones take it to a new level. They are perfect for chasing all types of Australian species and I'm sure it won't be long until the Kistler craze catches on here! Cheers from Australia!
C.J. Wilson, Yarrawonga, AUSTRALIA
Products Purchased / Services Used: 3 x custom Z-bones, t-shirts, tournament jersey, rod protectors
Just received another "Z" bone crafted by Brion Hastings and it just like all my other"Z"'s as well as my heliums it is one great rod feel good to hold and feels great when in use it can feel everything. Built saddles for quite awhile and the old hands are stiff but with these new "Z"'s I can still feel everything and the lightweight I haven't thrown any of them in the drink, when I used St. Croix or Quantum my hands would just turn lose and there went another off to the bottom of the lake. LOVE MY "Z" BONES Trey and his crew do fantastic crafting of their rods wo'nt be wasting and more money on off brands rods again have 4 "Z"'s and 5 LTA and LTX heliums don't spend your hard earned $$ on other brands stay with the best. Don't know how they are warranty wise 'cause I've never had any problems and have caught some big fish in the slop, love them frogs
Bill Weaver, owner, Leather, Guns & Etc. inc., Colbert, OK.