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... so when our satisfied customers and pro staff share their positive experience with our fishing rods, it makes our hard work worth it.

I just read my testimonial from about 4-5 years ago, way down there...wanted to see if my opinion has changed- IT HAS. It's actually gotten better. LISTEN TO ME: I've been a kistler-LOYAL for over 5 years now, and I absolutely love fishing and fishing equipment. I stay on top of what's new and hott and what has rave reviews...So, admittedly, throughout the years I have filtered in 1 or 2 of the year's "hottest" and "best" Non-Kistler products. Whatever rod was the "best" that season to compare and make sure nothing's better than a Kistler. NOTHING IS. I always found myself wanting to pick up the other brands LAST. I felt MUCH LESS confident with the other "popular" rods in my hands. I have and have used Magnesiums, Magnesium Micro's, Helium LTX's (no longer available), Helium LTA's, and ZBone's. I've used and sold and switched out for newer models but Helium LTA's seem to be my favorites. The bang for the buck is amazing. They fish like 400-500$ rods, honestly. The new KLX's are so intriguing though and I cannot wait to get my hands on several. A great deal and a very fair price. Great to see them competing w/ the OH SO POPULAR 100-200$ rod market. The Carbon Steel 2013's are very intriguing too. Remember the very popular and quite nice Abu Garcia Veritas line uses 30 million modulus...the Carbons are 38 million! Find me a rod under 100$ using that! I doubt you can. Under 4 ounces too! Might be the first year I'll try Kistler's entry-level Carbon Steels. But truly, I laughed @ the old testimonials that said "These rods make me catch more fish"...but laugh all you want now because these rods absolutely help me catch more fish. I fish on the Northeast where deep, clear lakes are the norm' and you need to be able to fish smallmouth to win certain tournaments so sensitivity is EVERYTHING. Our fish don't spawn til Late May-June so our March and April's are colder than any month down south. Fishing in the mid to high 30's is common in March. Air and water temp. So sensitivity is the key. W/ water that cold you may only get 5 bites a day and you better capitalize. I'm certain w/ other rods I'd miss 3 out of 5 of those bites. I am KISTLER FOR LIFE. I've given up bothering with other rods. I feel like I'm almost getting an unfair advantage over other anglers. If you want that extra edge to help you win tournaments, have more fun, or simply catch more fish...Get a Kistler. The KLX look INCREDIBLE to me. The Helium LTA's have always been my favorite "bang for the buck" but I may be switching to KLX. Trust me...there's something special about these rods...YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanner Paulini, NOTHING COMPARES, Southeastern, Massachusetts
Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Helium LTA's (08-2012 n presently using), Helium LTX's, Magnesiums and Mag Micros (2007-present).
Just got to use my new KLX rod today and it is somethiing else very lite and sensitive. The airman I had out fishing was so impressed I rhought I was going to have to fight him to get it back said he knew what some money from next pay was going. All in all I think it is the best value on the market and made in the U.S.A. which for me is a big plus.
Joe Armold
The real deal... KLX is the real deal. As an owner of 12 Z Bones I was skeptical that I would be impressed by the KLX line. Trey proved me wrong. What a nice rod for the money. I find them suprisingly sensitive and strong. One of my favorites out of the line is the 7'3" H ... great for jigs, swimbaits like the Big EZ , Frogs in heavy cover... you get alot more with the KLX. I now have 4 of the KLX rods and all arrived in perfect condition protected by Kistler's PVC tubes. all the builds were neat and clean... not one guide had excess epoxy, all rods perfectly straight and actions appropriately labelled... consistant with all Kistler products. For me, it was not a leap of faith to buy sight unseen... after all my great experiences over the years. John T Jacksonville,FL
John Trotter, Jacksonville
I first used a Kistler rod when I broke my cranking rod in an evening tournament. At that time I had a plethora of different rod manufacturers in my boat. My partner offered for me to use one of his kistlers so I put my reel on it and we went from just catching a few to winning the tournament by nearly 6 pounds. I couldn't believe how light and sensitive that rod was and it has almost stopped me from loosing fish. Since that evening I have ordered 7 Kistlers; 5 Helium LTA's, and 2 Magnesium's. 3 of the Heliums I ordered were the cranking rods; 2 of the 7'3" and 1 7'0". I can tell you that I am in love with the 7'3" and just ordered another one. I can have 4 different rods tied up with crankbaits. I am contemplating pulling the trigger and ordering a Z-Bone or 2 in the spring. My favorite jig rod is an old Argon that I bought from my buddy, I still love that one but just ordered a new Helium to try. I also have one of the Magnesium spinning rod that I love and just ordered a Helium drop shot to try. I can't wait till I get to use that one. I hope to be able to write and tell you that I won alot of tournaments this year. These are definitely the best rods that I have ever used and recommend them to everyone I know or talk to about fishing!!
Dana Brown, Tournament Director, B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of WV, Buckhannon WV
I just wanted to thank you for sending the replacement rods that I needed for the tournament. The rods arrived on the date that you told me they would and in excellent condition. We did not win the tournament, but we did finish in 3rd place. No big fish this tournament, but the piece of mind of having the rods that I needed was fantastic! Thanks again for everything you did to get me the rods. Dave Summers
Dave Summers, Tracy, CA
I first heard of Kistler rods after a friend won one at a local tournament. I liked the look and feel of the rod so I went to the website and found they had a BOGO special so I ordered a couple. I received the rods in a few days and was so impressed with the construction and feel that I immediately placed another order before the special expired. After 6-7 weeks usage I had some minor issues with a couple of the rods so I contacted Kistler via email explaining the issues. That very same day I received a response from Trey apologizing for the inconvenience and informing me that 2 new replacement rods where already in transit. I received the replacements in time for a tournament that weekend and have had no complaints since...in fact I just placed my order for 2 more. This kind of personalized customer service is hard to find these days and the product quality is really good. I would recommend Kistler rods to anyone and if you're skeptical I would suggest you do what I did and take advantage of one of the frequent BOGO specials and see for yourself. The product quality speaks for itself but the customer service puts Kistler over the top. Good job Trey and Co.
Dave Walton, North Carolina
As a tournament angler i need a stick that performs day in and day out on tour. The sensitivity, weight, the guides the way they are balanced all come together well in each series. The Z-bones allow you to customize to your specific fishing techniques, the helium LTA are as they state lighter than air, the magnesium a great starter rod into the Kistler line of rods very durable. The new KLX a collaboration with a legendary rod builder and a family dedicated to creating top of the line rods. The new KLX are a new exciting line that everyone needs to check out. These rods will help you feel the fish sooner, land the fish more consistently and keep you at the top of the leader board tournament after tournament. Fishing never felt so good well it is oh so true. Check one out today you wont regret it.
Robert Ash, Pro Staff, Kissimmee, Florida
Products Purchased / Services Used: Multiple Rod Purchases
This is the 27 lb Jack fish I caught on the Z bone LE 1 7 0. It was a twenty-five to thirty minute battle on Trinity Bay during which we were following the fish in the boat to prevent loss of all the Garcia 4600s 12# line. The fish took near all the line on four different runs. I decided to break the line, by this time I knew what kind the fish I had hooked, and wanted to continue fishing for Trout and Reds. I increased the drag on the reel to maximum, and pulled as hard as I could for several minutes bending the rod to extreme distortions. I thought it should have broken, but that did not happen. I landed the fish. Thank you for building an extremely tough strong light weight rod.
Douglas Hale
Products Purchased / Services Used: LE1ML70
I purchased two Z-Bone rods for my wife and me to use on our first Amazon Peacock bass trip in 2009. Since then we have been two more times and are going back in October. My wife's largest is 16#, I have managed a 20#, 21# and 22#. Our largest number of mainly butterfly peacocks was 94 caught in a three hour period in 2010 largest of which was 12# Use 6 1/2ft MH rods as we fly with them. Wouldn't use any other. Comfortable all day long!
Richard Levacy MD, SE Texas Eye Associates, Beaumont, Texas
Folks, I dont even know where to start . . . I have used them all but it has been narrowed down to 1, KISTLER!! I will be brutally honest and say that when I had to sell my St. Croix Legend and convert over to "a" KISTLER I was nearly in tears. I promise to you that I lost sleep over that decision . . . UNTIL, I purchased the new ZBone Shakey Head spinning rod! If you closed your eyes and I set the rod in your hand you would have trouble telling me when I put the rod in your hand, it is soooo lite AND sensitive! I have been "converted" now almost 2 months. I sold my St. Croix's, Abu Garcia's, Loomis' and already have 10 complete KISTLER combos including the ZBones, Magnesiums and Heliums. I promise to you a few weeks ago I pulled up to a point and slammed 45-55lbs, 9 fish (LMB) in 90 minutes with my new 7'4" Magnesium Spinning rod!! Was it just coincidence that I had the best day of bassfishing in my 20+ years of doing this . . . I think not, KISTLER gets the credit. Then, I purchased the new HELIUM Dropshot rod and just yesterday I pulled up to a spot and dropped the line and hit 3 fish in about 20 minutes. Again, no coincidence, in my opinion. IAM ONE HAPPY FISHERMAN, to say the least!
Ian Walker, SFVU