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We provide quality fishing rods, fishing gear, & fishing equipment...

... so when our satisfied customers and pro staff share their positive experience with our fishing rods, it makes our hard work worth it.

I've been using Kistler Rods for years since the original Helium LTAs, and have been bolstering the arsenal since then! But I want to talk about my Z-Bones, I had a couple of build your own 7'3" Heavy actions, small slim EVA split grips, recoil micro guides, blue wrap on one red on the other two! Finest rods I have ever fished with, and everybody I show them to, has to pull their jaws off the floor! You would have to hold these in your hands feel the awesomeness! Pull the trigger on any of these fine rods and you'll never fish anything else!
Dario Guerra IV
Everyday that I have a client in my Shoalwater Cat, I make sure I get a Kistler Rod in their hands during the day. I have not had anyone that wanted to give it back. I have fished Kistler for a long time. I have not put a rod in my hand for a long, long time that I could ever compare with my Kistler rods. Now that I fish with the ZBone, I am hooked.
Duck Wright, Skinny Water Guide Service, Seadrift, TX
This is what my cousin said about his rod the first time out. "So I used that kistler for walleyes last weekend… OMG!!! It is a perfect jigging rod. I could feel everything… it seemed like I could even tell when the bait was drifting JUST off the bottom as the feel was just a bit different… no ticks, but just different… of course then every little touch of the bottom was felt and then the THUMP! Tip is nice and soft to give a little and not pull the bait out of the fishes mouth. Bro need to come up for the opener so we can put yours to the test!"
Terry Grafton
Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler Z bone 1ML
I have been telling all of my friends about the KLX rods and they are coming around for sure. Anyone that sees/feels the light weight and can see the finishes won't believe the price when I tell them. I believe my cousin Matt Pusateri contacted you about a rod, he was the first one to see the KLX in action and I expect you'll be hearing from him soon haha. (Between you and I. I outfished him at least ten to one and it was awesome haha nice reminding him who the older cousin is without having to say it). It was a pleasure to fish with such a fine crafted made in the USA product. I'm glad I found your rods and I look forward to using them this summer... This is only the beginning! Oh! The rods are very durable too. I don't baby my stuff and your rods don't need babying like others do.
Trey Landry
Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX
Just got back from Toledo Bend and had a chance to have a KLX in my hand for four days. It was fantastic. The med-heavy worm rod I used most allowed me to "feel" my way through grass and detect fish picking the bait up, even swimming at the boat I could feel the fish clamp down. I haven't experienced this with any other rod. I used the 7'3" redfish special rod to throw a half ounce suspending jerk bait (which murdered them) and I could throw it a mile and still have the backbone for those long hook sets. The tip flexes perfectly for a bigger jerk bait and I didn't experience arm fatigue because of the light weight. I am not a 'window sticker' guy but I am cleaning a spot on my boats windshield to display a Kistler decal. The only one that will be on there, and damn glad I found your rods. Thanks for a great product and a medium weight KLX for senko type baits is in my near future.
Trey Landry
Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX
 I just have to say that this has been the greatest swap of fishing rods I have ever done. I had been fishing Loomis rods for about 8 years and decided to switch to the KLX and Z-Bone rods. I couldn't be happier. These rods are extremely light, perfectly balanced, and extremely sensitive. I truly believe that these rods are more sensitive than anything I have ever had. For example, I tried out my new Z-Bone's and KLX's fishing a 1/4 oz. jig and it is amazing how sensitive the rods are. It is much easier to distinguish the bites. If you haven't tried these rods, you need too. They will blow your mind, especially the KLX. You can't beat a rod of this quality for this price. The customer service I have experienced with Kistler has been incredible. They will talk with you and not rush your decision and help you make the right choice for what you need. Special thanks to Lance Stringer and Trey Kistler for setting me up with this awesome group of rods.
Derek Felton, Springfield, MO
I just bought myself a new Kistler KLX rod a few months back, and I have to say that it is a great rod from the finest brand of fishing rods I have ever fished with. I went fishing just the other day and used it, the bites I had been getting were so light I wouldn't have been able to feel them without it. You can feel so much more with a Kistler rod than any other rod, they are incredible! They are the best rods I have ever used!
Josh Chavers, Summerdale Alabama
I will be headed out in the morning for a second trip with my new KLX rods and if it is anything like the first trip I am going to have a blast. These KLX rods are one of the greatest rods that I have ever laid my hands on, I will even go as far to say that they are almost as great as the z bone. Kistler has hit the nail on the head with this rod, I mean for the price, you just can't get any better then these. I caught several fish on my new KLX cranking rod and never had a bit of trouble boating the fish after hook set, it is perfection in fish fighting. The sensitivity in the KLX is right there with the z bone. If you do not have the KLX, you are missing out, I promise you will totally love these new rods.
Ray Long
Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX
I was recently in a highschool fishing turnement on the cane river. I was pitching and skipping a havoc pit boss under boat docks. My rod choice was a 7'3 keister Z-Bone custom rod with a 7.1 reel. I had an extra fast tip and an extra heavy rod. The fast tip gave me enough whip to skip the bait under the docks and the extra heavy made it easy to get those fish out. I ended up winning the tournament with 14.40 pounds all thanks to the Z-Bone rod!
Cameron Mattison
Most people know, I'm always looking for the Biggest Bass I can find. Also a avid tournament angler. So that means my Kistler rods get a lot of action! These rods have never let me down in the past 3 years of fishing with them! Never was it more evident than this past weekend. I have been doing some shooting for a tv show here in Orlando,Fl. You see the only true pattern we could find, was a flipping & pitching bite. I was on the water using these rods, from sun up to sun down for 3 days! Kistler rods were used to hook and land, well over 50-60 Florida large mouth. Most being between 5-9 lbs ! 2 rods got the job done for me, helium frog & slop special & Zbone Hvy. All I can say these are awesome and in my opinion the Best on the market ! Fishing Never Felt So Good !!!!
Jerrod JB Brown "JB Bassmaster"