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We provide quality fishing rods, fishing gear, & fishing equipment...

... so when our satisfied customers and pro staff share their positive experience with our fishing rods, it makes our hard work worth it.

 My son Matt (pictured above) and I were were in Canada smallmouth fishing and he was using my new Kistler Argon Finesse series spinning rod.  I love this picture because you can clearly see the rod bend from the weight of the fish.  That rod got a workout; we boated over 50 fish that morning from the front of the canoe. Love our Kistler rods!

Mark Ringwelski, Small Mouths on a Kistler Argon, Spider Lake, Canada
Products Purchased / Services Used: Argon Finesse Series spinning rod
I just got back from fishing Toledo Bend. I had bought one of your KLX rods and had a Lew’s Tournament MG reel on it. It was the best combo I have ever used. Most of it was because of the rod. I thought I had found the perfect rod when I bought my white magic rods. Your KLX is absolutely the best rod I have ever had in my hand. I own Falcons, Ducketts, Loomis, Quantum’s, and Lamiglas. I have already told my wife she has as a Christmas present she can buy me. Another KLX rod. I bought the crankbait rod. The Duckett’s are very sweet rods for sure but after using the KLX this will be the only rod I ever buy in the future. You hit a home run with his rod. Thanks for a great product, Mark Neer
Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX
Super impressed again with the new KLX rods. My deck sported all Kistlers; 5 Heliums and 3 KLXs in a recent tourney on the CA Delta. Couldnt put the KLXs down (but i do love my Heliums) and they were a factor in our 2nd place finish with 21.4 lbs! . . . missed first by 7 oz. Celebrated by getting 2 more KLXs. thanks again Kistler for always making feel super-confident in my gear so i can focus on those little green fish.
david romuar, United States
I have fished with kistler rods for a few years now and I have to say they are the best rods I have ever used. I recently turned a couple of my friends on to them now that's the only type of rods they use. Kistlers are the only rods I will ever use as well.
Josh Chavers
Another great outing with my new KLX buzz bait rod. I have used a Magnesium buzz bait rod for several years and thought that rod was it and never could be replaced, but after using the new KLX buzz bait rod I have to say that I was surprised. Kistler has really out done themselves with the new KLX line. These rods are so sensitive that it's almost hard to comprehend. I have about 5 z bones and I will say that the KLX rod is so close to the z bone, I mean really really close. I hope that all fisherman can try the KLX at least one time.
Ray Long
Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX
Kistler Rods are the best fishing rods I have ever used. Sensitinve, strong and they absolutely look great. Best of all about Kistler Rods is they are a CHRISTIAN company and made in America. Thank you Kistler. Sincerely David Baker. Albuqueruque, New Mexico.
David Baker, New Mexico
Products Purchased / Services Used: KLX casting and spinning rods.
Let me tell you about the klx rod first of all I am a christian so I will have to tell the truth I have to invite to you to be saved.on a scale of 1 to 5 the rods is and 11 they have hit a home run with this rod , I have 3 g.loomis rods I will have to rate the KLX even better I believe this rod should have won the I cast 2013 best fresh water fishing award I have been on the internet reading all the bull about how they have no warranty and other things I can tell you I had a helium lta and it broke 4"down from the top I filled out the warranty form sunday and Monday they email me what to do they replaced the rod with a klx what ever I wanted a man call rebuen helped me I would have to rate him also and 11 there is no way anyone could have ever been any nicer and helpful the whole kistler experience I rated an 11. you better get you one of these rods they are real nice and what better blank can you have than from the man himself gary loomis and Trey Kistler....they said this rod is equal to a 300.00 or 400.00 rod and I agree. thanks from the botton of my heart. praise  God.
tommy, 83 pleasant valley dive
After purchasing my first Kistler rod in 2012 at the Skeeter owners tournament, I have been hooked on the sensitivity and reliability of the Kistler product. I have fished hundreds of tournaments with my 6'9" micro argon and have put more fish in the livewell than any other rod I own. The sensitivity in this rod is fa beyond that of other manufacturers that are twice the price. When I did have a problem with an insert falling out of my tip eyelit, one call and not only did they send out a replacement tip, but Trey himself came on the line to help me find a rod in their new line that would have some of the same characteristics that my micro argon had. It is not every day that a company owner will take time out of his day to make sure you are buying exactly what you need. Customer service is impeccable. Thank you Trey and the entire crew at Kistler, you have a customer for life. If you are looking at getting a new rod, Kistler is miles above the rest of the pack. Best of luck and tight lines.
Randy Marshall, TX
Well I am from South Africa and got my hands on the KLX finally, the KLX 7' TCRWJ. First impressions last hey, it's just a rod that truly speaks to you when you hold it in hand...what is the KLX in my eyes? A rod that is worth way more than it actually costs...one of those freaks of nature that just exceeds at doing what it is supposed to do... I have also posed the question regarding the worthwhileness of selling two of my Steez rods to acquire two more KLX's. In terms of sensitivity there isn't too much to distinguish the two, they are so similar it's scary...BUT...what is the deciding factor? It's the way in which the KLX does this that makes it special...it's got a more forgiving tip action with enough backbone to do what you need it to do. It feels super balanced in your hand, it's super light which makes all day casting a dream...it oozes quality and also gives a exotic sense that you are holding something special. I am going to pull the trigger on two more of them...I have tried and tested them...the Zbone's are special...but other than designing your own thing that's priceless, worth more than double special? I have fished the Zbone's too...and quite frankly out of a monetary value...they aren't worth more than double...not in a worth sense but just the fact that Trey Kistler out did himself with the KLX...no one knew it would be this good...not even they did...at the price point they have revolutionized bass fishing as we know it... In monetary terms the Zbone isn't worth double the price...it's worth double the price if you want to be individual and special...the KLX is just simply miles ahead of anyone in this price bracket. It's almost too good to be true....but it really is that good...
Emjay, Mr, Bass-Shack, South Africa
Products Purchased / Services Used: Kistler KLX
After looking at reviews on line, three years ago i decided to try the Mag series rods and loved em. If those were good, Heliums would be better, i thought. I have since replaced ALL my rods to Heliums and now a few KLXs. i feel its just the best thing i can put in my hand- not to mention the service . . . where else will you get the Pres of the company to personally call you and answer a question? thanks for the tips Trey and for putting out an outstanding product.
david, romuar, Stockton, CA
Products Purchased / Services Used: Helium/ KLX