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Falcon Lake

Author:Dan Schoonveld
Report Posted:03/12/13
Date of Fishing:03/06/13
Location:Texas Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Mid-Lake to Dam
Kistler Rod Used:7'6 Magnesium Crankin Rod
Description: The fishing on Falcon has been really good lately. I have been mostly fishing the main lake stuff at the mouths of the creeks. The fish have been relating to rock with some scattered trees mixed in. The best has been Pierces, Tigers, and Salanillas. I have been catching most of my fish on the Strike King XD 6 in the powder blue/chartreuse color. I have been on this lake 5 years and they definitely like this color the best. Second choice is .exy shad. The XD 10 in the same colors has produced some nice catches as well. I have been fishing the flats right next to the drops into the creek channel where you can dig that crankbait on the rocks for a good distance. Behind me will be 20-25 and I am sitting right on the top edge in 15-18 and fan casting on the flat part of the ledge or point. We had a great bag the other day which included......10-6, 10-2, 9-6, 9-1, and an 8-9.. Unbelievable day. The other bait of choice lately has been a Tx. rigged brush hog in watermelon/gold. Another of the tried and true on Falcon. I usually only every need a 3/8 or 1/2 oz if it is windy. Slow rolling a 3/4 oz white spinnerbait has caught some nice females. With the spinnerbait you need to just get a full cast out in front of the cover you see and you will soon find you are hitting unseen trees that are sub-surface. I have been fishing this in the front 1/3 of the creeks. The crankbaits I have been fishing on 15lb Seguar Invisx and the rest on 20lb. This should complete your arsenal for fishing Falcon Lake on your next trip.

Thanks for your time and if you need to book a trip.......
Dan Schoonveld