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Bassmasters on Alabama's Jordan Lake & Jones Bluff Lake July 23-31 2011

Author:Reed Montgomery
Report Posted:07/12/11
Date of Fishing:07/23/11
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Both Lakes
Kistler Rod Used:ZBone
Description: Bassmasters Toyota Trucks "All Star Week" July 23-July 31 - "Ramada 12 man field Semi-Final" on Alabama's Coosa River Impoundment, Jordan Lake on the weekend of July 23-24 2011.

July 29-31 The Bassmasters Finale of the week "the Evan Williams Bourban Championship", where one Bassmaster Elite angler will win $100,000.

Format; July 29-30 There will be 12 qualified Bassmasters Elite Series Pros (top 8 from the Angler of the Year standings and four Bassmaster Elite Series anglers voted in by Bassmaster fans), fishing for two days, Friday and Saturday on Alabama's Jordan Lake.

The top 8 anglers (after the Jordan Lake tournament July 23-24 2011) will be going to Alabama's Jones Bluff Lake to fish, on Friday, July 29 and on Saturday July-30 2011.

After that 2 day showdown only the remaining top two anglers (two with the most weight accumalated in two days), will fish on Sunday, July 31 2011 in a one-on-one competition, winner-take-all format!

Then the eventual winner will go home $100,000 richer!

The top eight anglers in this tournament, that are compiled from the 2011 Angler of Year standings are;
1. Kevin Van Dam - Michigan - 2011 Angler of the Year (again) and 2011 Bassmaster Classic Champion.
2. Edwin Evers - Oklahoma
3. Gerald Swindle - Alabama
4. Ott Defoe - Tennessee
5. Steve Kennedy - Alabama
6. Terry Scroggins - Florida
7. Casey Ashley - South Carolina
8. Davy Hite - South Carolina

* See www.bassmaster.com for more info

So how would you like to watch such Bassmaster Elite Series Pros such as Kevin Van Dam and maybe even mark a map or record some good GPS spots?

Or maybe your favorite angler is Gerald Swindle or Steve Kennedy, both from Alabama, and in favor of doing very well on these lakes, both of them know very well.

And of course, wouldn't you like to watch and learn from all of these pros on any of these 5 days of fishing on two of Alabama's lakes?

Well, you can!

By calling on Reeds Guide Service...first! Jordan Lake's, Jones Bluff's, and all of Alabama's, oldest professional guide service, guiding on all of Alabama's lakes for over 40 years.

Currently these dates are open for "a guided trip of a day of watching the pros!" July 22-23 and July 29, 30, 31 2011. Call today!

Call me (205) 663-1504 or E-mail me alabassgyd@aol.com for booking your reserved trip today!...Or for any lake in Alabama, year round!

See my website www.fishingalabama.com for more info, lake reports, fishing tips, links, pictures and Reeds Guide Service info.

Also there on my website you will summertime fishing tips (for both day and night) on Alabama's Jordan lake and Jones Bluff lake...where the pros fish in late July of 2011!

Make plans now to be there!

Thanks and Good Fishin'
Reed Montgomey/Owner of Reeds Guide Service
Birmingham, Alabama
Website: www.fishingalabama.com
"Alabama's Oldest, Professional Bass Fishing Guide Service for Over 40 Years"
Fishing Species:Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass
Bait & Takle Used:Lures only
Water & Weather
Hot, upper 90's!

Author with a pair of nice Jordan Lake Spotted Bass!

Author with a pair of nice Jordan Lake Largemouth bass!

A pairr of nice largemouth bass any bass pro would love to be weighing in!

Weeds always hold big largemouth bass in summer!

A hot summer day and three largemouth bass weighing - total over 20 pounds!

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