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Awesome Surf Fishing

Author: Duck Wright
Report Posted:07/16/13
Date of Fishing:07/13/13
Location:Texas Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Gulf Surf Port O'Conner
Kistler Rod Used:KLX Medium
Description: Saturday morning at safe light the Gulf out of Port O'Conner was flat. A very good friend of mine, Larry Shine had drove in from Livingston for a day of fishing with me.
Larry is the pastor of Pine Forest Baptist church in Onalaska. He was the National Chaplain for Fishers of Men Tournament Trails for several years.
We went through the POC jetties as soon as we had safe light. We had stopped and picked up some croakers and was ready for whatever came our way.
Larry started out catching 2' long Skip Jacks on top water. After switching over to croakers we landed several nice trout over 20 inches.
Larry had a hard hit and we knew instantly that he had something on the end of his line that was not a trout. After almost stripping the line off his reel several times and 30 minutes of give and take, we landed a Jack Crevelle that weighed 40 pounds.
July, August and early September are great months to fish the surf in this area.
Fishing Species:Trout, Skip Jack, Black Tip Shark and Jack Crevelle
Bait & Takle Used:Top Water and Croaker
Water & Weather
Sunny, Calm and 95 degrees

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