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Alabama's Smallmouth Bass in Fall and Early Winter

Author:Reed Montgomery
Report Posted:10/07/13
Date of Fishing:10/01/13
Location:Alabama Fishing Reports
Fishing Area:Wilson and Pickwick Lakes
Kistler Rod Used:Z Bone
Description: Wilson and Pickwick Lakes for Fall Smallmouth Bass Fishing
By Reed Montgomery

After fishing for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass on Alabama's Tennessee River Lakes for over 40 Years, this time of year has always shown topwater lures a good lure selection for big bass.

As waters cool in the Fall and early Winter seasons these are the times for anglers to be targeting big, trophy-sized smallmouth bass. Especially with topwater lures!

At any time during your fishing day, in October through December, the water can suddenlly erupt with big, trophy-sized smallmouth bass as they feed on hapless schools of baitfish. Schooling they call it.

But you must always be rigged and ready for this often fast and furious, surface feeding action...for it usually does not last for long.

Good equipment (like Kistler Rods) heavy line, sharp hooks, a good landing net and checking your reels drag system, are always a as must!

* Other Fall and early Winter lures for big smallmouth bass:
Shallow to deep diving crankbaits, both floating and suspending model hard bodied jerk baits, soft plastic jerk baits, lipless lures, swim baits, spinnerbaits, in-line spinnerbaits, chatter baits, jigging spoons, multi-lure outfits (Alabama Rig), worms, lizards, tube baits, creature type baits and jig combos.

Both Wilson Lake and Pickwick Lake are located in north Alabama and they both offer excellent fishing for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass in the lakes headwaters below dams, along rock bluffs, around mid lake islands, creek mouths and up in major feeder creeks, and along the lake's deeper water ledges and drop-offs.

Discover Alabama's best, cool weather bass fishing on these and other Tennessee River System Lakes (also Guntersville Lake and Wheeler Lakes) as waters cool this Fall and early Winter seasons!

Or, you can always call on the state's oldest, professional "bass fishing only" guide service guiding on all of Alabama's lakes for over 40 years...Reeds Guide Service. First!

Thanks and Good Fishin' Reed Montgomery Owner of Reeds Guide Service Birmingham, Alabama. Website www.fishingalabama.com
Fishing Species:Smallmouth Bass
Bait & Takle Used:Topwater Lures
Water & Weather
Mid 70's Sunny