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Dedicated to making fishing great.

Kistler Custom Rods is a key leader in the fishing industry. As it is in many industries, the big guys get comfortable and stop innovating. That is where Kistler comes in. Since our inception, the Kistler team has made it our mission to push the industry by relentlessly innovating and developing superior products for anglers everywhere.  We now have a track record over a decade long, and loyal customers around the world who have found out first hand why with Kistler, "Fishing Never Felt So Good!"

Kistler's Story
Annual Word from Trey Kistler,President of Kistler Custom Fishing...
Kistler's Story
Pro Fishing Staff
Serious fishermen all over the world choose a Kistler Custom Fishing Rod to...
Pro Fishing Staff
... so when our satisfied customers and pro staff share their positive...
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